Silver Spangled Hamburg

Silver Spangled Hamburg

The Silver Spangled Hamburg is a small or medium-sized breed. With slender legs and a neat rose comb. Ring size is 16 mm for cocks and 15 mm for hens. Eleven different colour varieties are recognised in Germany and Holland, including Silver Spangled, Golden Spangled, Golden Pencilled, Citron Pencilled, Silver Pencilled, White, Black and Citron Spangled six of these are included in the American standard of perfection. Penciled breeds are smallest and self-coloured birds are largest. There are also Bantam Hamburgs.

Hamburgs mature quickly and are considered good egg producers with glossy, white shells.

Please call for prices and availability¬†🙂

All eggs are believed fertile, turned daily and will be packaged in polystyrene boxes when posted

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