Crested Cream Legbar

The crested cream leg is a very attractive hardy bird that very rarely goes broody.

They are a light bird so fencing needs to be fairly high. They are also a little flighty but with regular handling become tame if you feed them some tasty treats.

The hens will lay approximately 180/200 eggs per year of beautiful blue/green eggs. They are also an auto-sexing breed which means you can tell the males from the females as soon as they hatch.

The females are much darker than the males which if you can do it the males can be dispatched saving on feeding costs. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this yet but have always managed to sell my cockerels on as unrelated breeding stock.

Please call for prices and availability 🙂

All eggs are believed fertile, turned daily and will be packaged in polystyrene boxes when posted

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